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We advise our clients on all aspects associated with Existing Buildings:

  1. Due Diligence
  2. Energy Audit
  3. Energy Building Refurbishment
  4. Maintenance Management Systems
Due Diligence

Due Diligence - What is it?

A Due Diligence is a detailed technical report or audit of a building, where building facilities and finishes are verified.

It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations to evaluate a possible investment in a real estate, having clear and precise arguments to negotiate before reaching an agreement or deal with the another part.

Due Diligence - Steps to take are

The following points are checked:

Due Diligence - Costs

According to this analysis the costs are evaluated:

Due Diligence - Benefits

All information obtained is a valuable tool when it comes to make decisions about the building.


Energy Audit

Energy Audit - What is it?

The Energy Audit is carried out just after of the Energy Certification once indicated patterns to follow. It is a study developed to optimize the amount of energy used in the building in order to improve its energy efficiency.

Identifying, assessing and organizing the different energy saving opportunities based on their profitability, getting a reliable knowledge of current energy consumption. Entailing a energy saving and, as a consequence, economic one for the building premises.

The main aim is to reduce energy consumption when the object of study is an occupied building, keeping and improving at the same time hygrothermal comfort, sanitation and safety.

The objective is to achieve more efficient buildings through improvements in the building envelope, HVAC systems and lighting.

Energy Audit - Steps to take are

Energy Audit - Benefits

The cost saving and the improved environmental impact of our building.

Energy Audit - Costs

The actions to be taken can be designed in phases, according to the possibilities of the system, grants and initial objectives.

In the case of residential buildings, the cost of an Energy Saving Study is minimal: About 30 euros per household for a block of 100 houses.

Some of the measures mean zero investment and immediate benefit, as the renegotiation of contracts with companies, obtaining a rapid recovery of the audit costs.

The rerecovery time of other measures can range from one year to seven years.


Energy Building Refurbishment

Energy Building Refurbishment - What is it?

After an Energy Audit the next step will be the Energy Building Refurbishment according to the recommendations of the audit. After reaping the rewards with the amortization of the investment.

There are approximately a 70% of buildings built ten years ago without taking into account the isolation measures considered basic today.

Energy Building Refurbishment - Steps to take are

Energy Building Refurbishment - Benefits

The main profits are immediate economic savings and more comfortable buildings.

Energy Building Refurbishment - Costs

It is estimated that the cost of implementing these measures is depreciated over 10 years, giving real cases of seven years.

The amount of energy criteria can represent the 10% of a refurbishment work. It is about a reasonable cost, especially given the continous increase in the energy prices.


Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance Management Systems - What is it?

Its purpose is the provision of appropriate expertise in order to get the best way of solving the problems started out in the maintenance and operation of facilities, as well as vigilance in compliance with them and their results.

The objective is to control the building maintenance companies, in spite of not being very commun. Under no circumstances, these services, whose competitions and responsabilities are well defined, will be subtituted or reduced.

They are available to the Property Management to watch the right compliance with the maintenance duties and the establishment of the corrective measures in the advertised faults.

Maintenance Management Systems - Scope of work