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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

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The "Energy Certification of Buildigns" is neccesary for:

Each building will have a label with its energy rating consumtion including the energy and CO² emissions associated.

This rating ranges from "A" for more efficient buildings, to the "G" for less efficient ones.

The goal is establish the degree of efficiency of the building.

  1. Newly Constructed Buildings.
  2. Existing Buildings.
Newly Constructed Buildings.

The steps to achieve this certificate are:

Assessment of the energy demand

The objective is to limit the presence of condensation on the surface and inside of the enclosures and to the energy losses due to air infiltration, according to a regular use of the buildings.

Obtained thanks to the estimation of the Restriction of Energy Demand (CTE HE1).

Energy Rating of Project

Obtained at the end of the design project.

We compared the modelled building to a standard one with similar characteristics located in the same geographic location and whose the energy performance has been analyzed in a field study.

Studying measures to improve the Rating Obtained.

Finally, the energy performance certificate of the project is issued.

Energy Certificate of Finished Building

It must be checked if the actual actual energy performance at the end of the works match with the energy rating of project.

Getting the Energy Certification of Finished Building, being adjusted the data if it is necessary and the certificate is issued.

The energy efficiency certificate comes with the building book being valid for 10 years, when the building should evaluated again to update the label to the reality of the building.

Control⁄Supervision of Energy Performance Certificates carried out by others

Certificates carried out by others are analyzed. Studying measures to get a better Energy Certification.


Existing Buildings.

On the other hand, in the case of Existing buildings, steps to obtain the Certificate of the Building Energy Efficiency are:

Visit to the home or premises to certify and data collection

It makes a visit to the property on which conduct a data collection of the structural characteristics and the various facilities in the building: Cooling, Heating, Hot Water and Lighting.

Collection and analysis of information obtained

Analysis of the information obtained in the following fields:

Getting Energy Rating

It shall be obtained from the building energy demand and CO² emissions due to this demand, derived from the needs of heating, cooling, hot water and lighting.

Occupational Training Center "Los Cármenes". Madrid.

Proposed improvements to raise the Qualification obtained

The goal of the Energy Certification process is to increase energy efficiency in energy consumption of the buildings, so the proposed certifying technical improvements to optimize energy consumption, translating this process improved Qualification obtained and cost savings for the building.

Building Energy Certification

Finally, prepare the Energy Performance Certificate of Building, a document that contains information on the energy characteristics of the building and its energy rating.

The Energy Performance Certificate is delivered with the book building and is valid for 10 years, after which the building should be re-qualify for the label showing is adequate to the reality of the building.