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Pérez-Barja International S.A.

In 2013 two engineering leaders in their fields decide to collaborate in order to boost its overseas implementation. Fruit of the agreement Pérez-Barja International S.A. is born.


PEREZ-BARJA S.A. is a Engineering Consulting Firm with a long business development in the sector, started its activities in 1973 as Estudio PÉREZ-BARJA.

We form part of the Working Groups Team for the creation or modification of the different Facilities Rules and Regulations. As a result, we are continuously at the forefront of the industry, being frequently consulted by both Government Agencies and Private Companies for applications of the various Regulations.

PEREZ-BARJA taking advantage of this introduction, wants to show its gratitude to all the Professionals, Companies and Entities, which have collaborated with us for these years, highlighting their trust and loyalty, which has enabled to provide one of the most extensive references of our activities in the sector.

C/ Alcalá, nº 6, 8, 10, 12 y 14; C/ Sevilla; Pza. Canalejas, nº 1 y C/ Carrera de San Jerónimo


CIPSA CONSULPAL, founded in 1983, is a Engineering Consulting Firm dedicated to Civil Engineering.

Participating in the entire process of design and construction of a work from the beginning to commissioning

In CIPSA CONSULPAL are aware of the importance of environmental issues today. In line with this concern we have developed an Environmental Management System according to the UNE-ISO-14001 and a Quality System (UNE-ISO-9001).

Norma Une-Iso

CIPSA CONSULPAL is integrated into the Spanish Association of Consultants (TECNIBERIA) actively participating in their bodies.


CIPSA CONSULPAL collaborates with NGOs in developing allocating 0.7% of the results of your exercise (INTERMON-OXFAM and ENGINEERING WITHOUT BORDERS)..

Norma Une-Iso    ingenieria sin fronteras